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With more than 40 years of experience working in the Latin music market all over Latin America and the U.S. it was a natural extension of our business to create a music library.

But to do this successfully we realized the only way of delivering a quality product was recording, licensing and offering music from the source. This is why we have worked tirelessly to represent the Latin Music world appropriately by making production music in the countries of origin.

We have an extensive catalog of masters by established artist of many styles and a great number of “standard songs”, the result of our many years in the music publishing business.

It took us over two years to build this library, reaching out to producers, artist, musicians, consultants, agents, institutions and experts throughout Latin America. We spent many long hours identifying the best music and people to work with, listening to songs, reviewing art works, working in meta data, designing the web site, selecting the right platform to launch it, planning and dreaming of the final product with one imperative goal in mind - to create the Latin Music library of reference for the world.

One look at this library will reveal our total focus on quality, originality and variety. We’ve worked diligently to deliver a one-stop solution, as there are no short cuts to excellence.

We have met and befriended many special people in this endeavor, creative and hard workers that believed in the idea and contributed greatly to make it possible. To all of them, we are sincerely grateful. We are finally up and running.

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