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Produced by Mario Costa and recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at Studio 7 JB in December, the “Batucada” album features renowned Brazilian musicians, Marcelo Costa (Caetano Veloso, Egberto Gismonti, Mariza Monte, Lulu Santos, “Ryouchi Sakamoto) and “cuica” master, Ernani Cal (Monobloco). “Batucada” is a style of repetitive, fast paced percussive samba that references an African- influenced Brazilian percussive style. The instruments featured include “surdo,” “cuíca,” “tamborim,” “chocalho,” “pandeiro,” “caixa,” “agogo” but the style can also be improvised with utensils, pans, and plates hitting a hard surface. The music can be performed informally or more professionally at a recording studio, played by two people or by 700, like a ‘Escola de Samba’ (Samba School) for instance. “Lay Batuke” and Progressive Batuke tracks are examples of slow pace or “lazy” Batucada. “Meia Momba” and “Vem Vindo” are medium tempo beat. “Escola Total” and “Escola Radical” are a fast pace style- the same style used during Brazil’s world famous Carnaval Samba Parade in Rio de Janeiro.

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